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  1. HOMER!
(via Twitter / stevenf: By the way you’ll never unsee …)
  2. Some nights I yearn for the classics.

    Some nights I yearn for the classics.

  3. This song is hard-wired in to my brain and a front runner for what I’ll be singing to myself in the dementia ward.

  4. PS. Given the recent propensity of the internet to find genitalia in logos I am happy to report that no one has mentioned that the counterspace between the F’s crossbars look like a pink, erect penis. Maybe all the writers at HuffPo and FastCo and Gizmodo and Adweek, et al already met their quota for the year for stories of genitalia logos.

    Glad I’m not the only one who noticed this.

    Brand New: New Logo for Foursquare

  5. ☛ Tom Waits Map | A map of places from Tom Waits songs

    Tom Waits Map. A map of places from Tom Waits songs.

  6. (via The Cornish beaches where Lego keeps washing up)
  7. What if Mos Eisley wasn’t really that wretched and it was just Obi Wan being racist again?
    a href=””>A People’s History of Tattooine (with tweets) · tcarmody · Storify
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  9. Two and a half stars.